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Just Completed Golf Rebuild

October 21, 2018

This was one of my favorite games as a kid.  The game was released in 1981 and was really cutting edge at the time.  GORF is an acronym for Galactic Orbiting Robot Force and was known for its use of synthesized speech wich was really cutting edge at the time.  The game taunts you as you go through the levels "Some galactic defender you are, Space Cadet!".  


This game was really in suprisingly good shape when I got it.  I repainted the sides, new side art, new t- molding. I always like to leave one part of these games original if I can and the base and the back were untouched.  The base is original and is in near mint conditon.  The monitor is a burn free G07 CRT.  Has the original glass bezel and front both are perfect.  The boards were tested and cleaned, power supply redone and monitor recapped.  Really a great looking game that is nearly 40 years old!  












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