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Galaxian Refurb Project Paint and Art

June 29, 2018

Next step is paint and art.  Depending on what the game is will determine what you use to apply your paint.  If I am going to have small art on a game I tend to spay a finish on a game.  Full cabinet art I can roll the paint as long as I go for a flat finish.  You do not want a bumpy surface below your art.  There are a lot of people that will apply art right to the wood.  I never do that.  I like a nice smooth clean like new surface.  So I did not include a bunch of pictures of me painting the cabinet.  What I wanted to talk about was side art.  This is, or can be one one of the worst experiences on a game if you are not good at it.  Art is crazy expensive and if you mis stick it you are done.  Early on I had to rebuy $200 side art several times. 


This game gets full coverage art.  I always lay it out over night so it isnt all curly from being in the tube when I am working with it.  Then I lay it out on the game to figure out what I need to do to get it set about where I want it set.  DO NOT BUY CHEAP SIDE ART! I always use air egress art as it is much more forgiving.  I think it is easier to put art on laying down for full cabinet work like this.  Sometimes I will put smaller art on with the game laying down.  Just depends on size.  I dont have a picture of this but after you get it where you want it you will want to secure it there with some painters tape.  So you can start to peel the art without it moving. 


Next step is peeling the art and applying it.  This is a nerve racking process, especially if you havent done it before.  I like to go in 25% increments.  As you can see below.  You will fold down the art to where your first strips of tape are.  Again, I didnt phot that, I should have but I didnt.  I will have more of these up here this is more of an overview.    These pictures show the application process in general.  I use one of 




After it is applied you can see how great it looks.  By going 25% at a time and applying the art at that same rate you will reduce mistakes. 






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