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Galaxian Refurb Project Filling and Sanding

June 16, 2018

Next step in the process is to fill in the nasty imperfections in the cabinet as much as possible.  Galaxian has a full body wrap for art but I would still like to get it as smooth as possible.  


1) I prefer to use Bondo to fill spots in cabinets.  There are some great wood fillers out there but I find that bondo is very durable and easy to sand and shape as needed.  So you will need a can of Bondo and a set of these rubber scrapers.



2) When you mix this stuff do not use too much hardener.  If you do use too much you will find that you wont have enough for the whole can and also it will set up way too fast.  You want just a little.  I just draw a thin line across whatever I put out to use.  Also, you will want to mix it on something plastic.  If you mix on anything that absorbs moisture it will also dry up too fast. 



3) Next you will want to fill your spots and smooth your edges.  I am sure there is some body guy out there that is thinking that is way too much.  I like to build up the edges so I can shape them to size and not have to worry about it.  As a rule of thumb you want to smooth it out to avoid excess sanding and wast.  






4)  After it has dried it is time to sand it.  I use 80 grit to knock it down and also to smooth out the cabinet.  You will want a face mask if you dont have a vac system.  After you have sanded the whole cabinet with 80 grit you can go down to 120 or finer to get it finished.  You may find that you ahve some divots that will need more bondo.  If that is the case you will have to fill those and sand again.  If I am going to spray a cabinet with paint and there isnt a whole cabinet overlay like this one, I would suggest sanding three times.  80 grit, 120, then one more with a finer grit to get it baby smooth. After sanding it should look like the pictures below.   You can see how that excess bondo really sanded down to shape and filled the entire gap. You can be neat and tidy scraping away all the excess when you apply it but I like the chunky meathod.  I rarely have to go back over it and add more.  




That is it for the filling and sanding.  Next we will paint and apply the cabinet decals. 


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