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Just Added Our 60 in 1 Full Size Multicade

June 3, 2018


Here is our full size multicade arcade machine ($1450).  This game features a 19' LCD monitor, full graphics package to make the machine look amazing, full new control panel WITH trackball (who wants to play a trackball game with a joystick), working coin door (set to free play), all new components, 60 in 1 arcade classics PCB, full size new arcade cabinet (Same size and shape as galaxian and ms pacman).  


We can design this machine however you want.  It can look like the one pictured, we can make it look like a ms pacman machine (also pictured), galaxian, and have several different side art options for the game with the multicade theme.  We also offer a multicade with a 25" LCD monitor for an additional $200.  We do not offer screens any larger because of image distortion.  Image becomes to stretched out on larger monitors.  Visit our website for more information.

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