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This is an original Qbert machine with a couple of upgrades. This is a true collectors game and not a new game made to look like a classic. All original electronics, PCB, original joystick, BURN FREE CRT (NOT LCD). The game has an added Jrock PCB that allows the game to play Qbert, Qbert Cubes, Mad Planets, Krull, Qbert Mello Yellow, 3 Stooges, etc. The multi Mylstar control panel has an original Qbert joystick, not an aftermarket stick that doesn't play right, also has an added joystick to allow play of other games. New switching power supply. All top quality components. Inside the machine is spotless. If you are looking for a bulletproof Qbert this is it. All the original electronics work as they should. Currently, the game is running through the JRock board and not the original. The original board works perfectly. This has an older restoration on it, and it looks great. This came out of a collection of games of a serious collector. One of the nicest I have seen.


Rare Fully Restored Gorgeous Q Bert Arcade Game!

$2,950.00 Regular Price
$2,495.00Sale Price
  • Game includes: 


    New artwork and completely refinished cabinet

    New coin mechanisms 

    Recapped (rebuilt) monitor chassis with a burn free orignial CRT

    Original refinished coin door

    Rebuilt joystick and buttons

    LED light behind marquee, not the old florecent tube


    Conversion to an LCD monitor is available. Please see the available options in our upgrades section and add them to your cart if you want to make changes.