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For sale is an original Nintendo PlayChoice 10 PCB with 10 of the best titles. This is one of the authorized Nintendo conversions done back in the 80s. Has all the original serial number plates and PC 10 license tag as well from when it was converted. This game does not have an LCD monitor in it. The game has been torn down to bare bones and rebuilt. The control panel is original with original overlay. The overlay on the control panel has two small scrapes on the edge, these do not take away from the game so I decided to leave it original.  If the new owner would like it replaced with a reproduction control panel overlay I am happy to do it.  Monitor has been completely rebuilt, is clear and looks great. Old fluorescent light replaced with LED. All electronics have been cleaned and checked.  All metal parts and washable parts have been cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and/or tumbler.  Coin door and coin mechs refurbished and original.  Inside of the cabinet cleaned and refreshed.  Our goal is to deliver a beautiful machine that looks as close to new as possible. 

These games are over 30 years old and they will never be absolutely perfect but they look amazing when we finish them.  We use quality products in all of our rebuilds.  We either refurbish original equipment or we source replacement parts that are exactly like original OEM parts. So when I say new control panel, that panel has either been refurbished and original parts are working as new or we have replaced those parts with parts that are like OEM.     

Games include:

Mike Tysons PunchOut!!

Super Mario Brothers 2

Super Mario Brothers 3

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Uncle Festers Quest


Double Dragon





Full Size 19Restored Nintendo PlayChoice 10 Arcade Game Works and Looks Great!

$2,450.00 Regular Price
$2,250.00Sale Price
  • Game includes: 


    New artwork and completely refinished cabinet

    New coin mechanisms 

    Recapped (rebuilt) monitor chassis with a burn free orignial CRT

    Original refinished coin door

    Rebuilt joystick and buttons

    LED light behind marquee, not the old florecent tube


    Conversion to an LCD monitor is available. Please see the available options in our upgrades section and add them to your cart if you want to make changes.