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Full size completely rebuilt Donkey Kong Jr. Arcade Game. Only this game has a secret-- this game plays both Donkey Kong AND Donkey Kong Jr.  (Double Donkey Kong) Uses original DK JR board.  This is not a 60 in 1 conversion. This game is from the heyday of arcade gaming.  Looks great and is ready to go into your game room or business.  This is an original refurbished game from the 80s and not a reproduction.  We do not put LCDs in our games unless advertised that way.  This is completely rebuilt and in collector condition. Perfect for ALL AGES! 

Full Size 1982 ORIGINAL Commercial Refurbished Donkey Kong Jr. WITH Double DK

$2,100.00 Regular Price
$1,900.00Sale Price
  • Game includes: 


    New artwork and completely refinished cabinet

    New coin mechanisms 

    Recapped (rebuilt) monitor chassis with a burn free orignial CRT

    Original refinished coin door

    Rebuilt joystick and buttons

    LED light behind marquee, not the old florecent tube


    Conversion to an LCD monitor is available. Please see the available options in our upgrades section and add them to your cart if you want to make changes.