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How our restoration process works( No they aren't pretty when they get here......

At Pixels, we work very hard to maintain the historical value of the games that rebuild. When they arrive they are usually pretty ugly but we work hard to make them beautiful again. They will never be new again, but this is what we do to make them look as close as we can:


Step 1: Strip, clean and prepare the cabinet.  We take out all the parts, remove all the artwork, and clean the empty cabinet.


Step2:  Take inventory of the parts and what we need to order to rebuild the game.  That way it is here when we are ready for it.


Step 3: Repair any defects in the cabinet to the highest quality possible.  We remove, fill or replace any bad wood or cabinet parts and sand, and sand, and sand... 


Step 4: Clean the cabinet again


Step 5: Paint and replace any laminate that needs replacing.  This is a multi-step process that is very time consuming.


Step 6: Clean the cabinet again and prepare it for artwork.


Step 7: Apply all the artwork to the cabinet.


Step 8: Rebuild control panels, coin doors, rebuild power supplies, test and repair any of the electronics that need work. 


Step 9: Begin to rebuild the game.


Step 10: Clean the cabinet again and it is ready to go! 


Speed is not the goal here.  We only do a few machines a year here.  If you are lucky enough to own one of our historical refurbished machines, you have something special that you can enjoy and pass on for years to come.


Have some Fun!